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There is fundamentally ONE reason that people use a real estate agent.  Whether you are buying or selling, the simple truth is that these are some of the most critical financial decisions of your life.  You want to find someone who will help to inform you, and guide you into making the right decision.  


I have experience with buyers and sellers, estate sales, foreclosures, short sales, investors, commercial property, landlords and tenants.  


Using the left index, you can find pages devoted to the most common real estate needs, and specific resourses for you to consult.   However, no amount of written text can substitute for a quick conversation.  If you're thinking of getting into the market, I am always available via phone/text at 786-332-7042 or email at AnnMoffettRyan@gmail.com.  (Tambien Se Habla Espanol, en nivel profesional)